Welcome to the Science Center

Message from the Director, Dr. Jerry L. Phillips


We want the Science Center to be YOUR PLACE!

Yes, Your Place, but for what? We are THE PLACE for free coffee and tea, the place to sit, study, or just relax, to meet friends, and of course, THE PLACE to get help with your Chemistry, Biology, and Physics classes.


We are located in Centennial Hall, Room 204. We have textbooks, anatomy models, and other class resources for you to use. There are 16 computers and a high-capacity printer if you need. Our tutors who have taken the courses you are in, and they are there to help when you need it; just raise your hand and a tutor will be there to assist you. You can get as much or as little help as you want. The best part---the help and the coffee are free! ALSO NOTE THAT WE NOW HAVE 20 INDIVIDUAL "QUIET" SPACES FOR STUDYING AND TUTORING. We also have GAMES available for you to check out for those times when you need a break from studying (Chess, Monopoly, Uno, Cards, and more).


We can also help you with time management, study skills, and career information. Are you unsure how to prepare yourself to apply to a post-graduate program, such as medical or graduate school? We know what to do so that you can smoothly navigate this complex process.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Fall 2024 semester at UCCS. My office is in the Science Center if you would like to talk or if you have questions. Let me know how we can help you be successful.


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Did you know...
students who use the Science Center's services do better on average by ONE FULL LETTER GRADE than students who do not? It's true! Let us help you do your very best.

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Do you want to be a tutor in the SC?
If you enjoy helping others understand science as well as you do, perhaps you'd like to work in the Science Center. Contact the director to learn what's required.
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