Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission


OUR MISSION is simple -

We support the University's mission to recruit  and retain outstanding students among diverse populations. We promote excellence and success in science for all students.

To Our Students: We offer exemplary support to promote success. We provide drop-in tutoring for individuals and small groups, problem-solving sessions, and a wide variety of course materials (e.g., help sheets, problem sheets, practice exams and quizzes). Working together, peer tutors and students build collaborative communities to help students develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills in mathematics and science.

To Our Faculty: We serve faculty in all science disciplines. We collaborate with faculty to develop and implement innovative approaches to enhance students' understanding of science. We also collaborate with faculty to augment effective practices for improving student learning and to assess learning.

To Our Peer Tutors: We support the personal and professional growth of the student staff by providing a collaborative environment between students, tutors, and faculty. This environment encourages intellectual curiosity and research, improves communication skills, and provides opportunities for tutors to enhance their own learning by helping others to learn.

We work collaboratively to help our students and colleagues reach their goals!